Filmmaking workshops

I conduct workshops for aspiring filmmakers who want to get a first glimpse of what it takes to make a fiction film. Workshops take place in Zurich, Switzerland, are conducted in English and are meant to give participants the necessary tools to begin creating their own films.

The workshops are both work-intensive and fun, and give an detailed insight into indie film-making.

"Everything in there was just great and even beyond.... Truly has helped me in getting more rich in ideas and concepts!!"                            

                                  - Sudipta C.

Groups are typically composed of 4-8 people from all walks of life. I have a hands-on approach, with less than half the time spent on theoretical concepts and the other half spent filming. We use Canon and Nikon DSLRs with professional lighting equipment and experienced actors.

Several participants from past workshops have been inspired to continue developing their skills more professionally or try their hand at making their own films.

"You did a fantasic job! I did some film making before but it's not comparable with what I've learned from you."

                                      - Walter G.

I currently offer three workshops that take place on weekends in the Zurich area. Each workshop includes a theoretical overview with detailed illustrated handouts, practical exercises, and shooting of a short film.

Signing up is non-binding and merely adds you to the mailing list. You will  receive further information by mail concerning possible dates.

"A great mix of theory and practice. The workshop was exactly the introduction that I was looking for. Thanks again!"

                                               - Deanna C.

Once you decide to definitely sign up for a workshop, you will be asked to make a downpayment until 2 days prior to the workshop. This is to ensure that the costs (light rental, payment of actors and location) can be covered.

Below is a basic overview of what is included. Click on the course title to see a detailed programme or  go to the sign-up page to make a preliminary reservation.

I look forward to welcoming you at my next workshop!

  • Workshop 1
  • Introduction to VDSLR filmmaking
  • 3-day workshop giving an overview of indie film-making with a simulation of a film set.
  • Day 1:
    Shooting with a DSLR: technical overview, workflow and exercises. Basic set lighting. 1
  • Day 2:
    Planning a shoot and working on set. Overview of pre-production and production and shooting of a short film (1-2 minutes).
  • Day 3:
    Editing and basic colour correction with Final Cut Pro.

  • 1 Prerequisite is a fair understanding of photography and working with a DSLR camera.

  • CHF/EUR 420 *
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  • Workshop 2
  • Cinematography and light
  • 2-day workshop that gives the essentials of cinematography and lighting for film sets.2
  • Day 1:
    The work of the DOP and ACs. Technical overview, workflow and exercises.
  • Day 2:
    The work of the gaffer and lighting technician. Technical overview, workflow and exercises.3
  • 2 Prerequisite is the completion of the introductory workshop or a solid understanding of photography and working with a DSLR camera.
  • CHF/EUR 470*
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  • Workshop 3
  • Short film production
  • 6-day workshop leading up to the production of a 3-7 minute film with sound.3
  • Day 1:
    Scriptwriting and story-telling: from story development to the finished product.
  • Day 2:
    Script review and task allocation with in-depth discussion of specific pre-production tasks for producer, director, assistant director, unit production manager, DoP and production design.
  • Day 3-4:
  • Day 5:
  • Day 6:
  • 3 The completion of the introductory course or a solid knowledge of filmmaking is a prerequisite.
  • CHF/EUR 510 + production costs
    (approx. 50-200 p/p) *
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* Prices are approximate and depend on number of participants. Prices in Euros may vary according to current exchange rates, the reference currency is always Swiss Francs.

Examples of exercises that were produced in the introductory workshops

intro workshop march 2015

Intro workshop march 2015

intro workshop march 2015

Intro workshop January 2015

Intro workshop January 2015

Intro workshop July 2014

Intro Workshop January 2015

Intro Workshop July 2014

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