Workshop 3: Short Film Production

Short Film 6-day workshop (advanced)

For the 6-day workshop, participants are asked to have a basic understanding of the film-making process. There will be much less theory than in the introductory workshop, the aim is to simulate work on a small but professional film set in which I will act as producer. This means that different people will gain a deeper understanding of different roles during the workshop. The workshop is only aimed at pre-production and set work. I will edit a rough cut of the film but participants will be responsible for editing the final product if they wish to send it to festivals.

The basic cost of the workshop includes basic technical material (DSLR and tripod, etc), educational materials and a production office. Participants will need to contribute to the production costs of the film (equipment rental, room rental, catering, transport, costumes, etc). These are expected to be approximately 50-200CHF additional cost per person.

The DOP, 1st AC and lighting department should master camera and lights. They are strongly encouraged to take the 2-day cinematography and light workshop.

Day 1 – Scriptwriting and story-telling (W 1, Saturday or Sunday, 10-18h)

In the morning we will review the architecture of a script and do story-telling exercises. In the afternoon we will have a presentation by an established scriptwriter/director and then work on our own scripts. The aim is to have the basis for a script that can then be produced.

Two to three scripts will be pre-selected for production before day 2.

Day 2 – Script review and Pre-production 1 (W 2, Saturday, 10-18h)

In the morning we will have an in-depth discussions of the department tasks and select who is in charge of what department. Depending on number of people these will be:



Unit Production Manager

Art director/Set design & Location scout


Script continuity & Production Assistant in pre-production

Costume/Make-up & Catering

Assistant director

1st assistant camera


Best boy & Production Assistant in pre-production

In the afternoon we will discuss the script in depth and decide on one of them. I will work with the scriptwriter to make any necessary revisions leading up to production. The scriptwriter has the prerogative of choosing whether (s)he wishes to direct the film. If so, he/she may also choose a DOP to work with. If (s)he choses not to direct, another person will be selected in agreement with all participants. Each department will be be busy pursuing their tasks over the course of the week. UPM and Art Director are responsible for scouting locations to be proposed by day 2. UPM is responsible for coordination with the rest of the crew.

I will work on an initial projected budget in conjunction with the heads of departments. I will also support the director and assistant director in their search for actors.

Day 3 - Locations and Pre-production 2 (W 2, Sunday, 10-18h)

In the morning the whole crew meets to visit locations and decide on which ones will be used. The various departments give an update of where they stand and we will discuss what still needs to be done (logistics, organisation, financing, etc). The crew then splits up after lunch. Director, DOP and actors go to locations to make a shot list. The UPM will support other heads of departments in their tasks while the assistant director will liaise with the director and try to keep an overview of who is doing what. A first version of the shooting schedule should be ready by the end of the day for review with the producer and director. ! Technical crew has to reserve and pick up material by Friday before shoot!

Day 4 – Pre-production and rehearsal (W 3, Saturday, 10-18h)

In the morning there is a meeting where the Assistant Director gives everyone a paper hand-out of the shooting schedule and every department gives an update. After lunch we split up for final preparations (prepare material and bring it to the production office). Director and DOP will do technical rehearsals with the actors.

Day 5 – Principal Photography (W 3, Sunday, 07-19h)

Filming approximately 7am-7pm

Day 6 – Evaluation (½ day) (Saturday or Sunday, 14-18h)

The group will meet to watch a rough cut of the material. We will discuss lessons learnt from the workshop as well as the film. The team is responsible for editing the final version of their film as well as colour correction.

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