Workshop 2: Cinematography and Light

The workshop in cinematography and light is aimed at aspiring cinematographers, assistant cameramen/-women, gaffers and lighting technicians.

Day 1 Programme

Day 1 is an expanded version of day 1 in the introductory workshop and focuses on working with a DSLR camera.

We will look at technical aspects of the camera and gear, including basic tasks of a 1st  assistant cameraman, understanding dynamic range, reading histograms and waveforms, metering with a light meter and choosing appropriate filters, as well as a more in-depth look at compositional techniques and  pre-production tasks for the DoP.

Participants are asked to have a solid understanding of photography and working with a camera.

Day 2 Programme

We aim to cover the main tasks and tools of gaffers and lighting technicians (sparks), all of which should also be standard fare for a DoP.

Technical overview

- Hardware review: types of lamps (HMI and tungsten), flags, frames, gels, stands and their use.

- Tools and tasks of the lighting technician and gaffer

- Working with electricity: Precautions and calculations.

Theoretical overview

- What setups for what situations?

- 3-point lighting

- Hard/soft, contrast, direction, temperature

Practical exercises in setting and controlling light

1. Working outside

2. Working inside

The minimum number of participants is 4.


CHF/EUR 450 for first-time participants.

CHF 400 for people who have participated in one of my previous workshops, as well as student/AHV/underemployed.

The price includes rental and transport of light material, permits for parking and shooting outside (if needed), services by Zurich electricity company, payment of actors and location rental. Food and transport of participants is not included.

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