Workshop 1 - flytime

Workshop 1: Introduction to VDSLR filmmaking

Below is a detailed list of things covered in the introductory workshop. 


Requirements : For day one a solid grasp of photography.

Day 1: 9:30-19:00. Shooting with a DSLR camera.

Morning: technical overview.

Afternoon: Workflow and exercise shooting a short clip.

Hardware Review

- Camera & settings

- Shoulder rig

- Matte box & filters

- Follow Focus

- Screen, viewfinder

Setting up the camera

- Technical aspects (shutter speed, picture profiles, white balance, frame rate, bit rate, aspect ratio, dynamic range, ISO)

Principles of still photography

- Composition, depth and colour

Principles of moving image photography

- 30° rule and jump cuts

- 180° rule

- Direction of action

- Zooming and dollying

Principles of lighting

- 3-point lighting

- Hard/soft, contrast, direction, temperature

- Technical aspects (tungsten vs HMI, filters, light sources, metering, Volts/amps/Watts)

Planning shooting

- Finding a visual language: mood pics

- Planning shots: shotlist, storyboard, floorplans

- Terminology

- Exercises for camera

Day 2: 9:30-19:00 Production.

Morning: planning a shoot & working on set.

Afternoon exercise: Shoot a short clip.

Pre-production, Production & Post-production

- Who does what?

Basics of script-writing

- The three-act struture

Preparation for shooting with role allocation

- Pre-production

- Principal photography

Day 3: 13:30-19:00. Post-production

We will edit what was shot the previous day using Final Cut Pro.

- Continuity editing and basic colour correction

Costs: CHF 420 for 3 days or CHF 240 for day one only or CHF 320 for days 2&3 only.

People who have participated in one of my previous workshops get a 20% reduction. Student/AHV/underemployed also get reductions.

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