Below are some of the comments left by participants from past workshops.

"The workshop was absolutely fabulous! I would recommend it to anyone interested in learning the basics of all you need to know to make a movie from A to Z. It largely exceeded my expectations. In only three days we made three movies together! After this workshop I feel confident to start developing my own little projects."

- Geert S.

"You've put six inexperienced people on a realistic movie set. Gave them just the right amount of theory, equipment plus actors and let the magic happen. We've made our film! Honestly, I did not fully know what to expect. At first I thought the course would appeal to grey haired gentlemen with their brand new costly DSLRs who want to use the movie mode for the first time. I was so wrong.....Impressive one man show."

- Dani R.

"Thank you for the opportunity to ask dozens of question about everything and nothing :) Thank you for your patience in answering them. It had been 4 years since I wanted to dive deeper in the world of filmmaking. Thank you for making it possible! I hope so much that it will transform to something bigger and I will continue developing in it."

- Yana M.

"I have some thoughts and dreams about film production for a while. That was my first step for education - very useful."

- Lena S.

"I'm also singing the praises of Sascha's workshop. It exceeded my expectations. Highly recommended!"

- Rashunda T.

"This was a well executed workshop that introduced the concept of filmmaking in a way that was easy to digest. I learned a great deal particularly on the technical use of my camera. The fun parts were the creativity elements and producing two short films. I would definitely do this course again"

- Bea O.

"It was very interesting and fun. I learnt a lot and I can only recommend this to people having a DSLR capable of doing high quality video."

- Tom D.

"You did a fantasic job! No complaints at all! I did some film making before but it's not comparable with what I've learned from you. Now I think it's possible for me to make my own film."

- Walter G.

"Everything in there was just great and even beyond.. It was a very open, free discussion on any and every aspect of digital film making - from concept evolution to buyer's market of short fiction, documentaries, image & adv. films. Truly has helped me in getting more rich in ideas and concepts!!"

- Sudipta C.

"This was a excellent workshop. Highly recommended. Thank you, Sascha, for hiring the professional actors for us, renting and hauling all of the equipment, and teaching us through a hands-on simulation of a professional film shoot. We made three different short films during this shoot and we got to try out whatever we wanted as we worked in small teams.

I also appreciated the illustrated handouts and the short lectures before we did the exercises--a great mix of theory and practice. The workshop was exactly the introduction to narrative film making that I was looking for. Thanks again!"

- Deanna C.

"Thanks to Sascha for organising yesterday's session, and thanks for everybody to make it an enjoyable experience! It was more clear to me how a fictional film set worked (on a small scale) and it made it more real! (fun but not just!!)."

- Murielle W.

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