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What is Google Business Photos?

Launched in Switzerland in 2013, Google Business Photos allows potential clients to virtually enter and tour your business directly from Street View, Google+ or via the Google search engine. The client can take a virtual stroll through your business and turn in a 360° radius - just like in Street View. 

Additionally, Point of Interest (POI) still photographs are taken of the business and published on your Google+ / Google Places profile. All photographs are carefully planned and taken with a high resolution camera, allowing clients to zoom in on interesting details.

We want to help you present your business to potential clients, giving them a feel for your business and of having been there. However, we also want to highlight what is special and unique about your business. Cozy corners or special decor, individual showpieces like sculptures or paintings as well as your products are carefully selected and photographed. In restaurants we can, if you wish, take pictures of the menu. Opening times, payment methods, your logo and business details will also be presented on your Google+ page.

You retain the rights to all photos and can use them for your own purposes as well. The panorama tour, published on Google Street View, is easy to copy and insert into your own web site.

Be it only to check up on opening hours: using Google to search up a business or restaurant on the net has become a routine activity in today's world. Google Business Photos gives your business a clear internet presence and gives clients an impression of the atmosphere in your business. 

You can find further information on the Google Business Photos web site.

Get in touch with us to learn more about Google Business Photos or if you'd like to make an appointment.

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