Google Business Photos Zurich


We'll photograph your Google Business Photos panorama tour! 

Additionally, we'll take still photos (Point of Interest photos, or POIs ) of your store, which you can use for whatever you see fit! They're yours forever.

The price includes a photo session with panorama photos (panos) and POIs, post-processing, uploading and integration of the photos in Google Maps, Google Street View und Google+. Your internet presence will get a major boost!

We calculate a basic price of CHF 350.- that includes the POIs and 4 panos. Every additional pano costs CHF 25.-. VAT is included, there are no follow-up costs and we'll give you a money-back guarantee that the tour will be published on Google Maps as stated!

And: You get a 10% discount if you successfully recommend us to another business.

Send us a message and we'll swing by to calculate the price and give you a quote. 

The table below will give you an approximate idea of what you should expect for your business. 

Panorama Points 4 Panos 10 Panos 16 Panos 26 Panos
Price CHF 350 CHF 500 CHF 650 CHF 900
Point of Interest Photos (POIs) 10 Photos 10-15 Photos 15-20 Photos 20+ Photos
Integration in Google Search yes yes yes yes
Integration in Google Maps yes yes yes yes
Integration in Google + yes yes yes yes
Follow-up costs none nones none none

1 room
approx. 40m2

1-2 rooms
approx. 40 - 60m2

Zelo Frisöre
1-2 rooms
approx. 80 - 100m2

2-3 rooms
approx. 120 - 140m2

Scotch & Soda

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